What you should know about Your HVAC and Your Health

Most homeowners main concern with their heating and air conditioning system is that it keeps them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Have you thought about the air that is circulating within your home? Your HVAC system is the main entry point for all of the air in your home that you live in and breathe daily. It is critical to keep your HVAC system well maintained for your family’s health.

Here at Five Star Charleston, we put together a quick list of things to consider before they become a major issue in your home.

  1. For Great Indoor Air Quality Maintaining Your HVAC System Helps!

Changing your air filter on a monthly basis is so, so important! Your air filter collects dust and debris from the air in your home. When you neglect to swap out your air filter regularly, the dust and debris will build up on the air filter and eventually it will become clogged. When an air filter is clogged, the dust and debris will not get collected and it will enter the air you breathe and the indoor air quality in your home will suffer. In addition, changing your air filter monthly prolongs the life of your HVAC system, which saves you money!

2. Check the Humidity LEvels in Your Home, Is Your HVAC Keeping a Good Balance?

Summers in Charleston can get so hot! Did you know that your HVAC system plays an important role with the humidity level in your home?

If your HVAC system isn’t the correct size for the square footage of your home, then it creates a humidity imbalance. If you find that your house feels cool but a little sticky, then your HVAC system is too big for your home size. If you find your HVAC system running too often, then your HVAC system is too small for the size of your home.

When you have too much humidity in your home, bacteria can grow more easily and when you breathe in bacteria it can cause health issues. If you don’t have enough moisture in your home, your sinuses can get too dry and you can develop sinus infections or bloody noses.

The expert technicians at Five Star Charleston can determine if your HVAC system is the correct size for your home.

3. Are you experiencing Other Health Issues and Wonder how Updating Your HVAC System Could help?

If you are dealing with illnesses that are heat or cold-related, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature can help ease the symptoms of temperature-related health issues, such as heat stroke or fever. Young children and the elderly are most at risk for these health issues, so it is important to maintain a consistent temperature during each season of the year.


Are you constantly plagued by illness?

Your illness could be the result of poor indoor air quality!