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Why Isn’t My Air Conditioner Cooling?

Good news, our gorgeous Charleston summers are right around the corner! With the approach of summer, your air conditioner will be used more frequently. If your air conditioner hasn’t been used since last summer, make sure you are home the first time it is turned on to make sure it is running properly. If you discover that your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home, it is not only an unpleasant surprise, but can cause you to be concerned about the cost of repairs.

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How Your Furnace Works and Avoiding Potential Dangers

The delicate parts of your furnace are subjected to wear and tear every time your furnace heats your home. Over time parts of your furnace can weaken, and can even become a danger to you and your family if a crack forms. Watch this video to see how your furnace works and learn about how to avoid a crack in your furnace.

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A Winter Tune-Up Can Help You Avoid Costly HVAC Repairs

When the winter temperatures begin to drop, you turn up the heat in your home to stay cozy. But what happens if the heater isn’t turning on because you haven’t used it yet this winter season? This turns into a very costly repair, and could have been avoided if you had completed a winter tune-up prior to the cold temperatures starting.

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