Quick Tips to Prepare Your Home For Holiday Gatherings

The holiday season is in full swing now that Halloween has passed, and it’s the perfect time to start preparing for large gatherings with family and friends. To help you prepare for your get-togethers and overnight holiday guests, we have put together a list of tips to help you get your home ready. Checking your heating and air conditioning system is often forgotten during the madness of preparing for the holidays, but it is essential because it can save you from a potential headache.

Tip #1: Change Your Air Filters

In last month’s post, we reviewed how important it is to change your air filter regularly. This is just as important before you have guests staying in your home. Most people suffer from allergies and dust, so replacing your air filter before guests arrive will help get rid of any airborne allergens that have collected in the filter.

Tip #2: Inform Overnight Guests If You Have a Mini-Split Ductless System

If you have a ductless mini-split air conditioning system in your home, make sure you train your guests on how to operate it so they can adjust the settings in the room they are staying in. Most of these systems are easy to use, but it will be helpful to your guests if they can adjust the temperature according to their preferences.

Tip #3: Keep Your Home Comfortable

Depending on how many people you are hosting in your home, whether the guests are overnight or just staying for a celebration, make sure you adjust your thermostat accordingly. If you are expecting a large number of people for the holidays, keep your home a little cooler than usual because the more people that occupy your home, the more body heat that will be created. If you plan on traveling for the holidays and won’t be home, then adjust your thermostat so you can save on energy costs.

Tip #4: Have One Entry/Exit for Guests

The more guests you plan on hosting in your home, the more times people will be entering and exiting your home. Plan on having one place for people to come and go from your home so your HVAC system won’t always be adjusting from the doors opening and closing. If the entry and exit can be from a doorway away from your thermostat, then that will be even better because it will affect your thermostat even less.

Tip #5: Schedule Your Fall/Winter Maintenance

Finally, if you haven’t scheduled your tune-up for the Fall or Winter, then the best time is before or between your holiday events. Having regular maintenance on your HVAC system keeps it running smooth and can prevent a disaster from happening when you have company staying in your home.

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Make sure to change your air filter before your holiday guests arrive!