Quick Tip: Which Furnace Filter Should I Choose?


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Choosing the best furnace filter for your family and home can be very confusing and overwhelming. There are so many choices and it is often hard to figure out which one will create a healthy environment for your family and also help your furnace work it’s best.

Three Basic Types of Furnace Filters

Miriam Johnson, co-host of Home Time on PBS, says changing your furnace filter is a very easy DIY task!

  • Fiberglass – Disposable and inexpensive; however, it neglects to trap mold and pollen from entering your home.

  • Cotton/Polyester Pleated Filter – Disposable and moderately priced, and trap smaller particles like mold and dust; however, they need to be changed more frequently.

  • 24 Volt Polarized Media Air Cleaner – More expensive, but excellent at trapping everything from pollen and dust to flu viruses!

What Furnace Filter is Recommended Most?

Miriam recommends the 24 Volt Polarized Media Air Cleaner the most because it turns your home into a whole house air cleaning system. For people who suffer from the most common allergies and are often sick during cold and flu season, this is an excellent choice at keeping allergens and germs from entering the air you breathe in your home.

For more details on each furnace filter type, watch the video below.