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Is the Quality of Your Insulation a Problem In Your Home?

How would you even know? Well, in this video which is a part 1 of an attic energy upgrade that Five Star Today completed for a homeowner you will see how Larry figured out a homeowner’s on-going issue with low quality insulation and high utility bills.  This customer’s utility bills were exorbitant – well over $400 a month in both the winter and summer for a home that was only 2,050 square feet.

Signs of Issues with Insulation Quality

There were two glaring issues that pointed to issues with the quality of insulation in this home. First, there was dirty insulation where duct leaves were pulling dirty air back into the house. Next, Five Star found a free standing electric heater in the master bedroom.  The heater is another sign of duct leaks because the master bedroom is on the outer end of the house, away from the thermostat.  It means that the system is heating and cooling at the center of the house where the thermostat is, but it is not heating and cooling the extremities due to duck leakage.

Luckily, we were able to fix this homeowner’s problems by installing R-49 insulation (stabilized spray cellulose) in the attic., Then, we fixed the disconnected air ducts in the duct work while also placing insulation over where the attic fan is.

View the video above to see pictures of the home before we did the work.

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