How Your Furnace Works and Avoiding Potential Dangers

The delicate parts of your furnace are subjected to wear and tear every time your furnace heats your home. Over time parts of your furnace can weaken, and can even become a danger to you and your family if a crack forms.

How does your furnace heat your home?

The process to heat your home is fairly simple:

  1. When your thermostat turns the heat on in your home, your furnace ignites and sends fuel to the heat exchange to start warming until it reaches 3,000 degrees.

  2. Air is circulated from your furnace blower motor into the heat exchanger where it heats the air and sends it into your home.

  3. The exhaust fumes from the heated fuel, such as carbon monoxide, are sent safely out of the house.

  4. After your home reaches the temperature you set on your thermostat, the heat exchanger cools to room temperature.

  5. This process happens continuously throughout the day to keep an even temperature in your home.

If a crack forms in the heat exchanger then carbon monoxide can be released into your home.

Watch the video below to see what is inside your furnace and how this process works.


So, what can you do to prevent a crack in your furnace?

Make sure you have your furnace inspected yearly, especially prior to the winter months when it will be used the most. Signing up for a HVAC maintenance plan ensures your system is inspected regularly. The best part is that we contact you when your system is due for service on your maintenance plan! Always make sure that whoever works on your HVAC system is a licensed technician, just like all of our technicians are Five Star Charleston are.

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