How to Know When You’ve Found a Great HVAC Company


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With so many HVAC companies in the Charleston area, it’s not easy to pick one that you will be happy with for the long term. Many companies advertise themselves as the best in the business in our area, but how do you know if they really are? We are here with a few tips to help you find a great HVAC company that you will not only be happy with but look forward to their service calls.

Check for HVAC Certification, Licensing, and Insurance

While all HVAC companies train their technicians, not all of them have special certification to work on various types of HVAC systems and is knowledgeable enough to tackle any HVAC issue that arises. Before hiring a company, find out what certification their technicians have and ask how they are trained to handle various situations. Also, ask to see copies of their insurance and licensing. With so many con artists trying to make a quick dollar off of those vulnerable, it is important to check that this information is not only accurate but up-to-date as well.

Honesty Is Always the Best HVAC Policy

Like we stated in the previous section, there are so many untruthful individuals out there just trying to make money without caring about their customers. While working with an HVAC company, pay attention to the technicians and each time they visit if they try to sell the “latest and greatest” new add-on product to your HVAC system. If they do, then they are just trying to make more money off of you. An honest HVAC company will train their technicians on always reassuring the customer when something is critical to fix or replace, or if it can wait a few months or a year. They will also provide their opinions on the various products and how they will work with your HVAC system, and won’t try to always push the most expensive option.

Research Your HVAC Company Options

Check with friends, neighbors, and co-workers about the HVAC company they use and if they are happy with the service they receive. Check the company’s website and Facebook page to read the customer reviews. If you know several people that have been using the same company for several years, then it is a good sign they are happy with the HVAC service and the work completed is consistently excellent.

At Five Star Charleston, we take pride in keeping our customers happy with the service they receive. All of our work is backed by Larry’s guarantee. Review our maintenance plans and decide which option is the best fit for your family. Contact Five Star Charleston for an appointment to have your HVAC system tune-up!