Help! My Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air!

If you’ve ever come home from an all-day outing or a vacation to discover that your air conditioner isn’t cooling your house or is blowing warm air into your home, you know how big of a headache it can be and completely ruin your good mood. So, what can be causing your air conditioner not to cool your home or to be moving warm air into your home?

Check Your Thermostat

Many people change their thermostat to a warmer temperature when they are away from their home for an extended period. The first step should always be to check your thermostat that it is set to cool and wasn’t mistakenly set to heat. Accidentally switching your thermostat to the heat function is a very common mistake and it is best to check this before picking up the phone to call for a service repair.

Check Your Air Filter

If you can’t remember the last time you changed your air filter, then this can be the reason behind the warm air blowing from your air conditioner. When your air filter gets clogged with dust, dirt, and other debris, it can cause your air conditioner to become dirty, which can then lead to the air conditioning unit freezing up. Not changing your air filter can also lead to damage to the delicate parts of the system and cause it to need further repairs. If you need help having your air filter changed, contact Five Star Charleston, and one of our licensed technicians would be happy to help you!

Your Freon Level is Low

Low freon is the typical reason why warm is blowing from your air conditioner. Freon is the chemical that keeps your air conditioner cooling the air in your home. When your air conditioner is low on the level of freon your system requires, then the air can’t cool to the temperature you have set on your thermostat. If your freon level is low, this can also indicate that there could be a freon leak somewhere, so it is vital that your service technician keeps an eye on the level during each maintenance visit.

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If your home feels more humid than usual or the air blowing from your system doesn’t feel as cold as it used to, it could be that your freon level is low and you need to have your unit serviced. Don’t forget, all of our maintenance plans come with a free service call when you have a repair, so it’s a great idea to sign up for one of our maintenance plans. Contact us today at 843-406-1700 to schedule an appointment and have your air conditioner serviced and running like new again!  


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