So, How do Air Ducts Leak?

You may cringe when your monthly heating and air conditioning bill arrives in the mail, but it is money well spent to keep your family comfortable in your home. You might be concerned when you find out that as much as 40% of the air that flows through your home’s air ducts escapes.

So, how do air ducts leak air?

When air ducts are installed while your home is being built, there are always gaps between the sections of the duct, which is how air duct leaks happen. On newer, energy efficient home, you may only have 2-5% air duct leakage. On most older homes, approximately 20-30% of air being pushed through the air ducts escapes through these gaps, with some leaks as high as 40% if you have metal ducts. That’s a lot of wasted air and money!

Watch this animated video to see how the air flows through the ducts in your home and how leaks happen.


How can you prevent your air ducts from leaking?

If your heating and air conditioning bills have increased the last several months or couple years, it will be beneficial to have them inspected for leaks. Having your duct work inspected and sealed will save you money on your monthly HVAC bills.

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